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Announcing a favourite event of mine and the winner is...
Sharing exciting news from Amsterdam: start of a favourite annual event of mine, and winner of the Survey prize draw. Firstly, the increasingly popular... .... read more
' Ogni anno circa un milione di visitatori arriva ad Amsterdam con mezzi di trasporto propri. Prima di arrivare in città, leggete qualche consiglio sui parcheggi e sulle regole in vigore. Parcheggiare ad Amsterdam In città non è complicato girare in auto – ma è bene tenere a mente alcuni aspetti, soprattutto in relazione ai parcheggi. La struttura urbana compatta di Amsterdam fa sì che ... .... read more
The most original way to celebrate Valentine’s day in Amsterdam
A unique way to spend Valentine ’s Day with your partner is to have a smashing mini wedding ceremony: just for fun! Why not getting married to your best friend then? The most important thing is: no stress! You don't have to worry about ANYTHING! .... read more
Valentine's day in Amsterdam: Tantric Dancing
Whether you are single or part of an opposite-sex or same-sex couple, here is a great way to spend Valentine’s day in Amsterdam: ... .... read more
Amsterdam ranking as one of the best liveable cities in the world
Here I report an interesting article appeared in July 2012 on Even if the list is old, I would like to start from this article to show my love for Amsterdam and my commitment to keep it this way or making it even better. Follow the ... .... read more
Erwtensoep, snert
Dutch cuisine has few internationally known highlights. ‘Snert’ or ‘Erwtensoep’ (pea soup) is for sure one of them. During the cold winters, when there’s an opportunity to ... .... read more
The Ice fever
The Elfstedentocht (Eleven cities tour), is an almost 200 kilometres (120 mi) long skating tour which is held both as a speed skating match (with 300 contestants) and a leisure tour (with 16,000 skaters). It is held in the province of Friesland in the North of the Netherlands, leading past all eleven historical cities of the province. The tour is held at most once a year, only when ... .... read more
Welcome to Museum Night, or, as Amsterdammers simply know it, the 'n8'!
During the annual Amsterdam Museum Night, fifty of Amsterdam museums offer special, themed events and performances during unorthodox hours -- between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m. Programs include everything from DJs, jazz concerts and dance performances to poetry readings, unusual tours and interactive workshops. Most of the museums also offer food and drinks aligned with their themes on Museumnacht. The Amsterdam Museum Night attracts some 26.000 visitors every year. .... read more